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Welcome to our blog – we are happy that you are here! Stories are not only for dreamers, but also for optimists and world-improvers – and of course we are one of them!

Our credo "More Than Fabrics" does not just sound good, but is also a promise that we like to redeem. That's why we take you on our trip to Uganda, to interview appointments or the Fashion Week. Everything that revolves around fashion and sustainability finds its place here. You have something to tell that fits our blog? Then write us at and we will contact you!

  1. Lebenskleidung in an interview with 'Ordinær'

    Lebenskleidung in an interview with 'Ordinær'

    We hope, you've all had a fantastic day off yesterday and, thanks to that, will have a very smooth start into the weekend!

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  2. Lebenskleidung goes Scandinavia

    Lebenskleidung goes Scandinavia

    We are very happy to announce, that we´ll present our upcoming Lebenskleidung sustainable fabric collection Spring/Summer 2018 for the first time in Scandinavia. In the north of Europe a very vibrant Ethical Fashion Scene has evolved.

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