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  1. Sustainable Fashion in Czech Republic - Interview with Jaroslava Šnejdarová

    Wo-Mum Concept, Jaroslava Šnejdarová

    One thing we really love about our job is that we constantly get to talk to kind people with great ideas. One of them is Jaroslava Šnejdarová, founder and designer of Czech brand WO-MUM.

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  2. Interview with Nele from isarti

    Nele, isarti

    It's been a long time since we did an interview. So much the better that we recently had the chance to talk to Nele Gerlach, who is behind the Münster-based label isarti.

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  3. Trend Research - how does that actually work?

    Trend Research - how does that work?


    From our point of view, the most important initiators in terms of trend forecast are the platform WGSN (World Global Style Network) and the Pantone Institute. WGSN was founded in London in the late 90s and calls itself »The World’s Trend Authority«. The vision: to give a branch that is genuinely working analog (color samples, fabric samples, lookbooks), a smorgasbord, so to speak, to which fashion designers and other creative people can have access at any time.

    In addition to predictions about the colors, shapes, dimensions, or functionalities of fabrics, WGSN also includes interviews with neuroscientists – who do a certain kind of disenchantment work. Because trend forecasts are also many numbers, data, analyses and observations. These are brought together from a wide variety of areas in order to gradually extract a condensate of what societies currently are and can be in the future, and ultimately generate

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  4. Digital Printing - On the Ravages of Time

    Digital printing - an innovation


    Everything is digital. And while this is not viewed without a certain skepticism in many areas, which always expresses concern about the loss of "what used to be," the opposite is happening to digital textile printing, so to speak: it is en vogue as hardly ever before.It was unthinkable a few decades ago though. The shrill prints of the 70s and 80s may be a thing today, but back then they were what you would call »too much« today.

    Subsequently, the fashion capitals around the globe were suddenly struck first by grunge and then by the peculiar uniformity of minimalism. Just at that time, in the late ′00s, a young Athenian woman appeared and dodged the fashion world with her digital textile prints. Mary Katrantzou, who at the time was in her mid-20s and freshly equipped with a master in fashion, brought photorealistic prints back into the fashion world – and they have remained

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  5. Recycled Elastane - our story about it

    Recycled Elastane - an innovation

    When we meet Uwe Schmidt for a digital interview, you can tell his enthusiasm for the topic immediately. Schmidt is Managing Director at Asahi Kasei Spandex Europe

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  6. Something to read

    something to read for cozy days

    The days are getting longer, the mood is getting better and somehow we're generally more motivated again. So the perfect time for our book and film tip!

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  7. An interview with ecuomo's Miguel Martin

    An interview with ecuomo's Miguel Martin

    Sustainable men's fashion still seems to be a niche. Or, to be more clear - finding casual, classy, good-looking items is not always that easy! 

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  8. Lebenskleidung in an interview with 'Ordinær'

    Lebenskleidung in an interview with 'Ordinær'

    We hope, you've all had a fantastic day off yesterday and, thanks to that, will have a very smooth start into the weekend!

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  9. Lebenskleidung introduces: SnipSnip.Fashion

    Lebenskleidung introduces: SnipSnip.Fashion

    You have an idea, but do not know how to implement it? This is where the Swiss team of SnipSnip.Fashion come in!

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  10. On the organic cotton trail

    On the organic cotton trail

    Cotton is a wonderful raw material, which is mainly cultivated in so-called developing countries. Enter new paths and learn how organic cotton cultivation is done in Africa.

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