Sweater knit

Sweater knit / French Terry – a big friend

Our Lebenskleidung organic Sweater knit / French Terry remains at your side even if it gets a little more uncomfortable outside - after all, you shouldn't freeze.

In fact, the sweatshirt owes its name to its warming properties. In the 1920s, the sweater was worn by American athletes whose muscles were not supposed to harden or injure during the warm-up phase. True to the motto: sweat rather than freeze!

And if we are honest, we can only agree. That's why we have found the best Sweater knit / French Terry in the universe for you, which we offer in many different designs. Anyway, boredom was yesterday!

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Lebenskleidung Sweater knit / French Terry – discover a various world

It didn't take long for the sweatshirt to become one of the most important college utensils - with the name of the university on its chest. The sweatshirt lost its sporty look in the 70s at the latest, when it suddenly landed on the important catwalks of the fashion world, including extraordinary patterns and appliqués.

  • The organic Sweater knit / French Terry from Lebenskleidung is rather unfussy, but full of good things. Organic cotton with the seal of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) from Turkey, organic colors and a thoroughly sustainable production chain make it a real power pack - and of course you too.
  • It is mainly available in two versions: With brushed thread floatation in fluffy-warming or unbrushed as Summersweat. In addition to these two classics, we also have such fragrant things as a Comfort Sweat with a little spandex or our incomparable Corduroy Sweater knit / French Terry, which actually looks like a Corduroy from a distance.
  • There are no limits to your imagination. You can use our Sweater knit / French Terry for endless things! Whether hoodie, sweatpants, warm winter underwear or a more robust summer shirt - let your creativity run wild.
  • When washing, please make sure that you set a maximum of 40°. Otherwise you make the material sweat too much - and it should be the other way around. It also protects the environment and your electricity bill!
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