Waffle fabric

Waffle fabric – small squares make one great thing

Who doesn't know it, the most beautiful of all honeycomb fabrics, equipped with a striking surface structure that immediately catches the eye? The Waffle fabric is a dreamlike fabric that is used for clothing and home textiles and whose effect is exactly the same as its structure: sublime!

It is also called honeycomb, which comes very close to its appearance. It has earned itself a firm place in the hearts of all those who like it straightforward but nevertheless particularly, at the latest in the form of towels and bathrobes. But this is by no means the end of the story.

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  1. Organic Honeycomb - Emerald
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  3. Organic Honeycomb - Stone Blue
  4. Organic Honeycomb - Brick
  5. Organic Honeycomb - Rouge
  6. Organic Honeycomb - Linen natural
  7. Organic Honeycomb - White
  8. Organic Honeycomb - Natural
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Lebenskleidung Waffle fabric briefly explained

Our waffle pique is a very valuable material for us. It impresses above all with its extraordinary 3D structure, which almost makes it a work of art. This also gives it a very large surface - a fact that makes it so indispensable for bathroom clothing and accessories.

  • Its structure is created by first interweaving warp and weft threads before interweaving them. The type of weave means that this is obvious, waffle weave. However, it can call itself Pique because its great plasticity reminds one of classic Pique fabrics - without being one at the core.
  • The Waffle fabric is a versatile fabric. It is often used for towels, bathrobes or dishtowels, because it is very absorbent and hard-wearing, but at the same time looks anything but disdainful. If it is important to you that the bathroom and kitchen are not only functional, but also stylish, it is best to use this fabric.
  • Our Waffle fabric is of course sustainable, which immediately increases its value to infinity. It is made of organic cotton from Uganda, the cultivation of which we could even see with our own eyes.
  • Of course you can also be adventurous and use the waffle pique for shirts or trousers. Some of our most appreciated labels have done this and made our hearts beat faster. The beautiful textured Waffle fabric is also suitable for children's fashion - and here its robustness is a big trump card!