Ribbing (Cuffs)

Ribbing by Lebens­­kleidung turns you into a hero!

Muscle shirts made of Ribbing fabric have cult status. While the cut was initially used mainly in sports jerseys, it later sneaked into everyday life piece by piece and is now worn by men and women, old and young. The material that makes this trendy shirt out of the sports field is a jersey knit fabric.

The Lebenskleidung Ribbing garment is a real genius. If Marvel hero "Hulk" would sew his shirt out of it, it would not break! The reason: The unbeatable combination of 5% spandex and knit with one (Rib 1x1) or two (Rib 2x1) courses alternately left and right. That makes the fabric the winner in stretchability - and your first choice when it comes to reliability.

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  1. Organic RIB 1x1 (cuffs) fabric - Navy
    Incl. 19% VAT
  2. Organic Soft Waistband - Natur/Ecru
    €22.55 / m
    Incl. 19% VAT
  3. Organic Cuffs fabric - Creamy Onyx
    €18.15 / m
    Incl. 19% VAT
  4. Organic Rib 100 - Ecru
    €37.95 / m
    Incl. 19% VAT
  5. Organic Rib 100 - Opuntia Green
    €37.95 / m
    Incl. 19% VAT
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Our Ribbing - unlimited possibilities for sleeves, collars and everything else

We at Lebenskleidung not only value that your Ribbing is elastic and dimensionally stable, but we want to deliver something that you never want to give away. Not only does the product count for us, we also need the way of production to be clean and convincing. In our superhero manner we make sure that your Ribbing fabric is being produced all sustainable from start to finish.

  • We consistently use organic cotton that is organically grown, harvested and processed. It adheres to the strict criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which guarantees that environmental and social minimum standards are being met.
  • In addition, as with all our fabrics, we very carefully plan new colors and of course try to ensure that you always get the matching Ribbing for your sweat or jersey fabric.
  • The material can be used pretty much everywhere from the cuffs to the pointed cap, but can sometimes be a bit treacherous in terms of workmanship. Because it is important to us that you can not only buy fabrics from us, but also get them under control, you may need a clever guide to help you with that one! Sewing with cuff fabric is a mission that challenges you but is not unsolvable - try it!
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