1. Our trip to Lithuanian Linen

    Flax Field

    Last week, Jeanette and Enrico from the Sourcing Team traveled to Lithuania in search of new linen fabrics.

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  2. Pioneers of organic cotton through and through

    Lebenskleidung und Cotonea

    One of the pioneering projects we've been collaborating with since 2018 is Cotonea and the Ugandan cotton processed by the company. Most of our woven fabrics are made from this high-quality cotton, and we cannot emphasize enough the wonderful cooperation with Cotonea. In 2017, we visited Uganda together and toured the cotton fields and ginnery there – the key facts about this are outlined below. Over the years, we have also regularly visited Cotonea's main site in Bempflingen as well as their Czech weaving mill, benefiting from the incredible knowledge and experience of the company and passing on this knowledge to you.

    In addition to shared values and visions, it is primarily the fabrics themselves that have convinced us from the outset. The key factors contributing to the high quality of the materials are the raw material, the

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  3. Reactive printing on fabric

    © Design and photo: CooCootales

    © Design and photo: CooCootales

    Welcome to the colourful universe of reactive printing!

    Have you ever wondered how these incredibly vibrant colours can end up on your favourite garment and be environmentally friendly at the same time? At Lebenskleidung, we take you on an adventurous journey behind the scenes of reactive printing - a process where art, science and sustainability come together in a spectacular way.

    Imagine painting with watercolours and each colour magically bonds with the paper, creating vibrant works of art that last forever. This is how reactive printing works with our Reggiani 180 machine - except that our "paper" is the finest materials and our "watercolours" are the environmentally friendly, water-based EFI Reggiani AQUA Premium Reactive Inks.

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