Satin fabrics

Satin fabric - noble, sustainable and always ready for use

When you hear Satin, you think of noble, shiny covers and ties. But the beautiful fabric not only looks great, but also scores with its durability and ease of care. The Satin fabric gets its name from the Arabic 'Zaytoun', which means the Chinese city of Quanzhou, which used to be one of the most important trading cities for silk.

However, Satin fabric has nothing to do with silk at first: 'Satin' primarily refers to the type of weave - an atlas weave - in which the upper side is interwoven with weft threads and the underside with warp threads. The materials from which satin is made can be varied.

Here at Lebenskleidung you get Satin made of fine organic cotton, which you can use for bed linen and towels as well as for evening dresses and shirts.

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Lebenskleidung Satin fabric – always the right choice

Already more than 2000 years ago Satin fabric was produced in China and from silk. A lot of time had to pass before the fine fabric finally made it to Europe. It was only in the Middle Ages that it found wide recognition and use, although at that time it was reserved for the nobility.

  • The 19th century was the absolute heyday for Satin fabric. It was used for wedding dresses and high-quality underwear and was highly coveted. After this success story the case had to come of course sometime - Satin was produced sometime from synthetic fibers and so affordable for the masses. Of course, it lost his unattainable character.
  • Of course, Satin fabric can be made of different fibres - from nylon to silk, so to speak, anything is conceivable. So it is all the more important that you know that your Satin clothing is made of organic cotton.
  • Because we like it colorful and daring, we offer you Satin fabric in many different colors. Orange, cashmere, turquoise? No problem for us! In addition to classic smooth Satin, we also have a striped Satin, which is right for special occasions.
  • Satin fabric material is smooth and flowing - and is suitable accordingly for luxurious clothes, which may also be a bit unusual. It gives evening dresses and shirts as well as ties and underwear the finishing touches they need.
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