Moleskin – for those who need to be thick-skinned

Fortunately, the name is not part of the Moleskin program - otherwise the wonderful material would disqualify itself directly for vegetarians. And yet it is sometimes translated into German as ‘mole fur’.

One thing is certain: this is not an animal material! Instead, the Moleskin is a very robust fabric that protects you from cold and rain and occasionally appears under the name English leather or pilot fabric. Its home is in Manchester, where it was first made using special looms.

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  1. Organic Moleskin - Black
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  2. Organic Moleskin water-repellent - Navy
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  3. Organic Moleskin water-repellent - Vulcan
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Lebenskleidung Moleskin – a true giant

While the Moleskin was mainly used for workwear during the Industrial Revolution, it is now used elsewhere, too. Nevertheless, it is still one of those materials that are rarely used - but completely unfoundedly! Moleskin has a high weft density and a low warp density. The warp thread is usually a very strong, often even twisted yarn, while the weft thread is characterized by softer yarn.

  • Besides the so-called English leather, which is brushed on the left side, there is also a German leather. Here the right side of the fabric is sanded and brushed.
  • Moleskin in a few words? A lifelong friend! The fabric is really incredibly durable and at the same time very robust. The list of things you can make with your Moleskin is endless. We personally prefer fancy coats or transition jackets in a modern box shape, but capes or even jackets are conceivable.
  • In addition to our classic Moleskin in black, we also offer you a water-repellent fabric in Navy. This shines as noble as the regular Moleskin, but thanks to the appropriate equipment it is even water-repellent with a water column of 20 cm. So you can survive a short shower as well as a longer lasting drizzle.
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