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Terry fabrics – outstanding materials

Terry fabrics really are little mysteries. You hardly know anything about their origin but they still appear everywhere and have somehow even made it to the fashion world. Supposedly, they were born in Turkey, where the English banker Henry Christy discovered them during a stay in Constantinople and brought them back to England.

His brother Richard found out how to make the fabric using a specific machine - and had it patented directly. By the way, Queen Victoria was the first to receive the fine towels - and immediately ordered more in large quantities. The brand Christy funnily is still the leader when it comes to terry towels.

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  1. Organic Woven Terry - Nature
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The Lebenskleidung Terry fabric at a glance

The reason why towels or washcloths come to mind when thinking Terry fabrics is because of the material’s loops. They make it absorbent and ensure that it massages your skin without being scratchy. In our portfolio you will find both knit and woven Terry.

  • While the woven Terry fabrics have the famous loops on the front and back, the knitted Terry only has loops on the front. For this reason, our woven Terry is even more absorbent and has a great exfoliating effect, while knitted Terry is more suitable for clothing. After all, our Sweat Terry is a very special, flowing fabric that you can use wonderfully for fine scarves, cardigans or light summer jackets.
  • The Terry fabrics are made from the finest organic cotton that carries the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard). This is important to us because we de not only care about our environment, but also about the production conditions of our fabrics.
  • With the European toy standard EN71-3 we also promise that your Terry fabrics are suitable for all kinds of toys.
  • Terry fabrics are very easy to work with and are therefore not just the right choice for sewing experts. What you should keep in mind is the strength of the needle. When working with Terry cloth, it is best to use a stronger needle (75-90) in combination with a 120 thread.
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