Cretonne - diverse, unique and wonderfully skin-friendly

The Cretonne is an absolutely dreamlike material, which one far too rarely gives the necessary attention. It owes its name to the Frenchman Paul Creton, who developed the fabric in the 17th century.

Cretonne is a pure cotton weave, which looks a little coarser compared to other fabrics, has a very good feel and also comes with a very light grammage. It can technically be used for anything that needs to be practical, beautiful and timeless - this includes home textiles as well as blouses, thin jackets or even bags.

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  1. Organic Cretonne - Natural
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  2. Organic Cretonne 150 g - Natur
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  3. Organic Cretonne 155 g - Natur
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  4. Organic Cretonne - Black
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The variety of Cretonne at a glance

The Cretonne is woven in a classic way, as a plain weave. This is considered the simplest kind of weaving grounding, but at the same time it is extremely stable. The warp and weft threads are each closely interlaced and each warp thread is alternately both above and below a weft thread.

  • The resulting organic fabrics have an enormous strength and are also very dense. The front and back look absolutely alike - or, in technical jargon, 'equal in binding'.
  • Cretonne is made of cotton and therefore of a natural fiber that does good not only to the environment, but also to the body. It is temperature and moisture regulating and has a great wearing comfort.
  • Our organic Cretonne is perfect for sewing beginners! After you have washed the fabric, you can cut it absolutely easily. Since it is rather dull and grippy, there is no danger that the fabric will get out of place. It just needs to be trimmed because it likes to fray from time to time - so the seam allowance must not be forgotten! • The robust organic fabric could hardly be easier to care for. It is best to wash it at 30° or 40° and iron it at a moderate temperature. If you have additionally printed the fabric, you should make sure that the washing temperature is not more than 30°.
  • Tablecloths, sofa and cushion covers or bedding - the list of home textiles for which you can use the Cretonne could be continued, so to speak, endlessly. The same applies to clothing: Cretonne is a reliable choice for dresses, shirts, pants or pajamas, but can also spice up any cooking apron! Cretonne summarized in two words? - Just fabulous!
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