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Wool fabric – warm & wonderful

Wool is one of the oldest materials used by people to dress - only flax fibre for linen production has been used for thousands of years, too. It is not easy to trace back its history, since Wool does not last long in the soil, but it is assumed that there have been larger Wool sheep in Central Europe since the 3rd millennium BC. Since the 15th century Wool has been an important export good, initially for England. The reason: England itself was dependent on food from other countries after its great plague epidemic and received it in exchange for Wool. Even today it is still a huge economic good - more than two million tons are produced annually and the demand for Wool fabric does not diminish!

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  1. Organic Wool Plush - Ecru
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  2. Organic Boiled Wool - Curry
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  3. Organic Boiled Wool - Berry
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  4. Organic Boiled Wool - Navy
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  5. Organic Boiled Wool - Grey Marl

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  6. Hessian Cloudwool x elbwolle™ Organic - Ecru
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  7. Organic elbwolle™ Wool fleece - Air Marl
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  8. Organic Boiled Wool - Wool White

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Why sustainability in Wool fabric is so important!

Unfortunately, the production of Wool fabric fabric is not always species-appropriate and ecological: the grazing lands of the sheep that donate the Wool fabric are treated with artificial fertilizers. Genetically modified products are often used as feed and the sheep themselves are painfully freed from parasites.

  • This method is called mulesing. The skin around the sheep's tail is cruelly removed, as fewer fly maggots settle in the scar tissue. The fact that the animals often suffer terrible pain is unfortunately of secondary importance against the background of the gigantic demand.
  • We at Lebenskleidung work against these conditions! With us you get only Wool fabric, which comes from animals from controlled biological animal husbandry. Our elbwolle™ is even a real regional product, whose raw material is Wool fabric from sheep from the Wendland region, which are used there for dike maintenance. The result is a Wool fabric fabric that is full of character and firmly under control - and that also conveys a wonderful story.
  • In comparison, our Wool fabric Jersey is rather light and nestles beautifully to the body. It is ideal for undershirts, but also for turtlenecks, in which you are guaranteed warm! • You have to take good care of our Wool fabric! And just like for any other Wool fabric fabric, this also applies here: Better to wash too little than too often. Wool fabriclen fabrics can be aerated perfectly - and only be washed in the Wool fabric washing cycle if really necessary, of course with the appropriate mild Wool fabric detergent!
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