Canvas Fabric

Organic canvas fabric from Lebens­kleidung - extra strong and sturdy

The fact that the Canvas fabric has something to do with cannabis is probably not to be considered common knowledge. The popular cotton fabric was originally once a hemp tissue and was first given the name "Canevas", which in turn goes back to the Latin "cannabis".

Previously woven by hand and flattened with the hammer, today's cotton Canvas fabric is made by machine. The thread is alternately pulled from the front and back by pre-tensioned warp threads creating a very rigid fabric, which is always used when it should be particularly robust and durable.

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Our Canvas fabric: when cult character meets reliability

The Canvas became really famous in the early 20th century with the help of famous shoe brand Converse. Although the first shoes with a high shaft and rubber sole were already produced in 1860, the first "Converse All Stars" did not come onto the market until 1917 and in the color black.

  • American basketball player Chuck Taylor, who was also a Converse employee, gave them the finishing touches a few years later, as well as the eye-catching patch at the ankle: "Chuck" was born and the Canvas fabric became one of the most popular ones being used for footwear.
  • Of course, our Canvas fabric can do so much more than just shoes! You can easily use it for backpacks and other bags that you can even waterproof with beeswax or other impregnating agents.
  • You can also use it as a classic jacket fabric. Especially workwear outfits get their succinct look. Whether it's boxy jackets, pants or shirts – with Canvas fabric everything stays in place.
  • Made from 100% organic cotton, you can buy our Canvas in a variety of colors and also as a basket weave. All organic Canvas fabric from Lebenskleidung is guaranteed to be GOTS-certified, from cotton seed to finished fabric.
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