Play it fair! Wear it fair!

It's World Cup time again and the world is looking to Russia. At the same time, millions of jerseys from participating teams around the world go over the counters produced in in bulk in big and anonymous factories. The same applies for the footballs. A football World Cup thrills the fans, but due to the ever-increasing commercialization also has a stale aftertaste. Whether the poor working conditions of the workers in the next World Cup host country Qatar or reports on corruption within FIFA, there is already much that can spoil the joy of such an event. But we love football and we love correctly produced clothing as well. Therefore we have started  the campaign "Play it fair! Wear it fair!" together with the sustainable sneaker brand Ethletic and the Berlin based fashion brand Kollateralschaden.

Russland und Frankreich Trikot

Liberté, Égalité, Footbalité

Just in time for the World Cup, Kollateralschaden have designed a jersey series for all 32 countries of the 2018 World Cup with a new cut and pattern, which is produced and printed fair, local and sustainable with the finest organic-certified fabrics of Lebenskleidung at their studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg at Bürknerstraße 11. [huge_it_maps id="5"]

Your fair football jersey - handmade in Berlin

From the beginning of the World Cup, Kollateralschaden will display the pieces in the showcases at the subway stations Hermannplatz and Schönleinstraße! You can then chose your favorite design and the same will be individually fitted to your size and produced locally for you. Each piece is totally unique!

Dänemark Trikot

We do this also for vikings

Our action days

At (initially) three action days in June (see below for details), you can not only watch the games, but also enjoy how your individual jersey is being produced at the Kollateralschaden shop at Bürknerstraße 11 in Berlin. You can choose your favorite jersey from one of the 32 jersey designs and have the shirt sewn in your size on site - while you can watch the games!

Deutschland Trikot

We guess this will be the most favorite shirt. Sorry England.

Also part of the party are drinks, snacks and - drum rolls - a Fair Trade football by Ethletic, which was developed in 2004 and has now been re-released!Ethletic Fair Trade Ball

The Fair Trade Football by Ethletic

Over the entire duration of the World Cup, there will be an exhibition on football by the Berlin artist Graf Mente at Bürknerstrasse 11 as well.

Russland Trikot

Dobryy den

Soccer without Borders

From the sales of the limited jersey series, 10% will be donated to the NGO "Soccer without borders", which does peace work through football in worldwide projects, for example in Uganda or Nicaragua!

The dates

Here are the dates of the action days at a glance: Friday, 15.06.2018 Opening from 14:00 with the games Egypt vs. Uruguay (kick-off 2:00 pm) Morocco vs. Iran (kick off 17:00) Portugal vs. Portugal Spain (kick off 20:00) Friday, 22.06.2018 with the games Brazil vs. Costa Rica (kick off 2:00 pm) Nigeria vs. Iceland (kick-off 5:00 pm) Serbia vs. Switzerland (kick off 20:00) Wednesday 27.06.2018 with the games South Korea vs. Germany (kick-off 4:00 pm) Serbia vs. Brazil (kick off 20:00)