What is linen?

Leinen Stoff

Linen made from flax fiber is one of the oldest natural fibers – and one of most robust ones on top of that. After the cotton had run out of rank during the late 19th century, linen has been in every well-stocked wardrobe again for quite some time now. And even when it comes to high fashion!

• The fiber is extracted from the stems of the flax plant, which are first roasted. That way, the plant is separated from the wood and combed. In the so-called cottonization the fiber bundles from which the stems are composed are being separated and disassembled into elementary fibers.

• Leaches, as used previously, are no longer used today. Instead, the fibers are disrupted by special steam processes. The longer the stalks, the longer and the higher the quality of the fibers.


What makes linen so special?

Linen is a seasonal all-rounder and will do you just as good in the summer as in the colder season. The fabric is cooling, breathable, moisture-regulating and completely lint-free. In addition, it has a great shine by nature and is extremely durable.

• Organic linen is ahead of conventional materials in the sense that it does not use fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. Since it is mostly made of cellulose, it is biodegradable. As far as linen is incredibly durable at the same time, you really do not have to worry about its disposal – and can simply consider your linen garment a lifelong companion!

• Whereas traditional flax depends on fertilizer or pesticides, for organic linen this is obsolete. This is in particular because the soils are very carefully selected and cultivation and monocultures are avoided. Instead, it is made sure that the flax grows together with clover a.o., so that the soil naturally can maintain a healthy balance.

• You can wear linen in many different ways. Most popular are blouses, pants or jackets made of beautiful material. Linen outfits love strong opponents. So combine your linen trousers with sporty shoes or elegant sunglasses – or be brave and wear a two-piece linen, which you will complement with the right accessories. You see, linen is no longer a material that looks stale, but has blossomed into an absolute must-have.

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