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Please note that we work within so-called print slots.

This means that we allow you to print small metre quantities with us within a print slot.

Each print slot has a deadline for the submission of your designs, by which you must submit the designs in order to guarantee the delivery date of the respective print slot.

You can find the respective print slots and delivery dates here. The related deadlines for submitting your designs are named accordingly. For example Slot I, Slot II, Slot III etc..

If you want to print 100 meter per design ownards, simply write us and we will give you the best possible delivery date.

If you have any further questions, please visit our digital printing service page or write to us at

Here are all the print slots at a glance and the calendar below to sync with your calendar.


Deadline for submission of designs Delivery period digital prints
28.05.2024 14.08.-27.08.2024
26.08.2024 20.11.-03.12.2024
28.11.2024 27.02.-12.03.2025


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