Organic fabrics are a statement

Fabrics are a statement. With the right choice, you not only show that you care about a good style, but at the same time say YES to sustainability and social fairness! Organic fabrics are a way of life. They define you and your style and have a long history in their form as a natural substance. For more than 5,000 years, the raw material cotton has been domesticated and processed into textiles, and already during the Middle Ages the textile and clothing production was professionalized. Unfortunately, with industrial production, production has become faster and cheaper and the environment and material quality have suffered as well. With the choice of an organic fabric, you deliberately opt for an ecologically correct fabric production without compromise. Certified organic fabrics made from organic cotton, for example, are a great choice for keeping people and the environment in harmony.

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Our collection

Our current Lebenskleidung organic fabrics (GOTS). Always in trend. Always sustainable.

From the beginning it was important to us that our organic fabrics were not only produced sustainably, but that they also reflected and picked up on current trends and styles. That's why we curate two collections every year, which are based on the latest innovations in the choice of materials and colors.

Always for the seasons spring / summer and autumn / winter we present you many great novelties and materials in the Lebenskleidung organic fabric shelf.

What are organic fabrics?

What makes a fabric to an organic fabric? Well, let's start with the selection of materials and raw materials. Choosing organic cotton, organic wool or organic linen, just to name a few, makes a significant difference to your ecological footprint. Equally important is the further processing of the materials and, above all, how the materials are finished and how the wastewater is handled. Especially in this production step a certification or a constant transparent control of the production is enormously important. If all the production steps from the material to the final delivery of the substances to you are sustainable and transparent, you can really speak of keepingan organic fabric in your hands. With Lebenskleidung you can rely on the fact that we only carry correct organic materials!

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Bio Gummibänder

All organic rubber bands

We also attach great importance to transparency and traceability of the production chain when adding additionals to our portfolio of organic fabrics. So we have expanded our portfolio with wonderful rubber bands in many different designs.

Our rubber bands are the right additionals if you chose sustainable alternatives going with our organic fabrics.

With our rubber bands made of natural rubber and organic cotton, you will also make the right choice when choosing rubber bands, tapes and cords.

Together we can make a difference

We take care that your fabrics have a good past - so that you can concentrate on their future. On our site, you will not only learn all about our fabrics, but will also provide you with sewing tips, interviews & amp; and many other things.

Do you want to learn more about the world of Lebenskleidung, then check out our Lebenskleidung Blog where we regularly post news from the ethical fashion and organic fabric world. Not without a reason our slogan is: "More than fabrics"

Unsere Bio Stoffe Waffel

Our organic fabrics

At Lebenskleidung you will find unique organic fabrics by the meter, which you can buy directly online. We specialize in organic cotton fabrics and offer you a wide selection of great, trendy and sustainable certified fabrics. You will find different categories with fabrics for every purpose. Whether stylish organic jersey fabrics or organic fabrics for accessories such as bags or for example backpacks: We are sure that you will find the right one with us!

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