Corduroy - timeless, durable and a real must-have

With the Corduroy it's never quite easy: Some love it, some hate it and others do not care. What is certain, however, is that Corduroy, like hardly any other fabric, combines robustness and softness, and has become more and more of a trend piece in recent years - if it was ever gone.

For us, it is clear that Corduroy belongs to our portfolio not just in a wonderful organic version but in very different qualities. No matter if Stretch Corduroy or Genoa Corduroy - with us you get exactly the organic fabrics that you need.

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  1. Organic Cable Corduroy - Red
  2. Organic Genoa Corduroy - Black
  3. Organic Stretch Corduroy - Malva
  4. Organic Corduroy fabric - Black
  5. Organic Cable Corduroy - Turquoise
  6. Organic Corduroy fabric - Avocada
  7. Organic Stretch Corduroy - Avocada
  8. Organic Stretch Corduroy - Salmon
  9. Organic Stretch Genoa Corduroy - Plum In production
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Our Lebenskleidung Corduroy - a classic from Great Britain conquers the fashion world

In late 18th century Manchester, Corduroy was already being mass produced - and thus got cheaper and cheaper. Consequently, the Corduroy was initially one of the most important fabrics for the fashion of the working class in England. It came to Germany a little later and quickly found its way into guild clothing. This is not surprising, because Corduroy is incredibly robust and durable. For the intellectuals, too, it became important during the sixties and seventies: they wanted to demarcate themselves from the elites fashionably, and thus resorted to the utensil of the working class.

  • After being widely considered intolerable in the Nineties, Corduroy has been celebrating its comeback for some time now: in casual dungarees, as furniture upholstery or in children's clothing, but also in hip two-piece suits, flared trousers or long skirts.
  • Depending on the number of ribs per ten centimeters you differentiate between different types of Corduroy - the more ribs, the finer the finished fabric. In your webshop you will find fine stretchy Corduroy, which is one of the tenderest types of Corduroy with more than 40 ribs per ten centimeters, but also Genoa Corduroy or Cable Corduroy, which attract attention with wider ribs.
  • Our Corduroy is made of organic cotton, which bears the seal of the Global Organic Textile Standard that guarantees you that important social and environmental requirements are met along the entire value chain. Some of our Corduroy qualities contain a small amount of spandex in addition to the organic cotton, which makes the fabric not only more supple, but also stretchable.