Tessuti organici Seersucker - Light Taupe

Seersucker Tessuti organici - 100% cotone biologico (GOTS CERES-076) - 112 g/m² - 150 cm - Light Taupe
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Tempi di consegna:
da 8 a 14 giorni (dal magazzino Germania)
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A wonderful Seersucker - Light Taupe

We finally have this great Seersucker fabric for you that you (and we!) have been waiting for for a long time. It is simply perfect for the transitional period, but also for the summer: Due to its wrinkled surface, which is created during weaving, it does not lie so close to the skin.
Since it is very easy to care for and because of its special appearance does not necessarily have to be ironed, it is not only suitable for clothing, but also for bed linen.

Ulteriori informazioni
Tempi di consegna: da 8 a 14 giorni (dal magazzino Germania)
Fibra d'origineTurchia
Colore del tessutoLight Taupe
Composizione del materiale100% cotone biologico (GOTS CERES-076)
Proprietàglänzend, estremamente traspirante
Apticatenero/morbido , forte/stabile
Paese di produzionePortogallo
Tipo di tessutoSeersucker
Larghezza del tessuto150 cm
Peso del materiale112 g/m²
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