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Lebenskleidung and Cookies

What are cookies? 

When you visit our website, we store information in the form of "cookies" on your computer, so that you‘ll be automatically recognised on your next visit to our website. A cookie is a short text of information, which is transmitted as a hypertext transfer protocol header. The cookie is either sent from the web server to the browser or generated by scripting (such as JavaScript). Cookies help us, for example, to find websites that match your particular interests and taste or save your password, so you don‘t have to re-enter it every time you visit our site. If you don‘t want us to recognise your computer, then please set your internet browser so that it automatically deletes cookies from your computer, blocks all cookies from even being stored in the first place or warns you before a cookie is stored. However, this may restrict the number of features available for your use on our website.

What kind of cookies do we use? 

a) Firstly, we use cookies which aren‘t related to online advertising: 
We put information in the form of "cookies" on your computer so that you‘ll be automatically recognised when you visit our website again. Cookies help us, for example, to save your password, so you don‘t have to always re-enter it every time you visit us. You can set your internet browser so that it deletes cookies from your computer automatically or warns you before new cookies are saved. However, if you deactivate your cookies, you won‘t be able to use all of the features that are available on the Lebenskleidung website.

Cookies without any connection to online advertising 

Name Purpose of the Cookies
Vanity Cookies Allows Lebenskleidung to save content that a user receives when a function test is carried out.
Session Cookies E.g. "remember me" or "active session"
Language Cookies Allows Lebenskleidung to save the language setting of your browser when you visit the Lebenskleidung website.
drawer open & drawer close tab Used when opening and closing the tab on the right hand side of our website for your recently viewed items list.
Currency So Lebenskleidung can save your selected currency.
open elements Allows Lebenskleidung to save which navigation elements are open under My Account
Cart Items Allows Lebenskleidung to save which items are in your shopping cart.
currentScrollPosition Lebenskleidung saves where you have scrolled to in our favourite products list, so you can be brought back to this point automatically.

 b) Secondly, we use cookies for marketing and analysis purposes. 

Cookies also enable us to offer you advertising which is tailor-made and based on your interests and taste. They also provide essential information so that we can improve our platform: 

Name Purpose of the Cookies
Tracking Cookies or Partner Cookie Tracking Cookies or Partner Cookies make it possible for Lebenskleidung and other target group-oriented advertising to be displayed on Lebenskleidung’s website.
Google AdSense Cookies For more information regarding personalised advertising from Google, click here:
Google Analytics Cookie Analysis of user behaviour (anonymised)

What‘s personalised advertising?

Your browser saves a cookie on our site which keeps track of which products you click on with your browser. This cookie doesn‘t store any personal information or data, but merely information about the products that you‘re looking at. 

When you‘re browsing other websites with advertising placements, then, under certain circumstances, Lebenskleidung advertising might be displayed. This is possible through the saved cookie which then provides us with information about the kind of products you find interesting. If you don‘t want these cookies to be saved, then just click on the small "I", which can be found on the respective banners, and then set your preferences accordingly. 

Why do we use Google Analytics and Google AdSense? 

We use Google Analytics by Google Inc. to analyse how exactly our website is being used. We‘re always trying to improve Lebenskleidung, and we need this information to do so. When you move around our site, a cookie from Google Inc. saves text files on your computer that make an analysis of your browsing habits on our website possible. This is an essential tool to develop and operate a functioning platform. Your IP address is shortened by Google and then transferred to the U.S., where an analysis of Lebenskleidung‘s usage by its members is carried out. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however, this may reduce the number of features available for your use on our website. You can also install a browser plug-in that prevents the analysis of your data by Google:

We use Google AdSense to display ads from Google. AdSense also allows for so-called web beacons, which are invisible images to analyse the use of Lebenskleidung‘s website.

Here too, you can change the settings of your browser to prevent cookies from being saved. This may also restrict the number of features available for your use on our website.

You can find out more about Google‘s privacy policy by clicking here:

What are plug-ins and how do they work? 

Plug-ins are small pieces of software that can be integrated into existing programs or websites. We use plug-ins, for example, from Twitter, Google and Add This. If you‘re not quite sure about plug-ins, we recommend you don‘t use them. You should always know who the provider, the nature, scope and purpose of a plug-in is before using it.

Example "like" button on Facebook 

The "like" button on the product pages of Lebenskleidung is a plugin. By „liking“ a product, the seller or a potential customer recommends the product on Facebook, and in doing so, advertising the product. The "like" is now playing a major role in advertising websites and products. By opening the page, data is sent to Facebook, regardless of whether the member clicks on the like button or not. When a member clicks the like button, Facebook receives the information that the users of a particular site or a product like it. Only if the user is logged onto Facebook at the same time, can the member be identified. Facebook has currently set out in their own privacy statements which data they collect and save. Therefore, if you‘re feeling unsure about using the like button, we recommend you log out off Facebook before using Lebenskleidung.

We also offer our users the possibility to log onto Lebenskleidung by using your Facebook access data. We do not receive your Facebook password.

Privacy Policy 

You can find out more information about the issue of data privacy and protection in our privacy policy.