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Innovative organic fabrics

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Innovation leads back to ‘innovare’ – the latin word for ‘renew’. And renewals are exactly what the fabrics being found here are about. We present you a bunch of new, sometimes bold fabrics which will expand our standard portfolio and make it more colorful. Their appeal lies in great structures and haptics, and their exclusive appearance.

One of our new heroes is our Organic Tricot 3D which we could easily have labelled as ‘doubleface’. That is because his front side has a deeper rhomb pattern while the back side shows vertical stitches that look like braided rows. Weighing 500 g/m² it is a real heavyweight and our hot tip for cardigans and long coats.
Our Organic Mesh and organic Mesh Jersey are more for breezy issues. With less than 200 g/m² and a natural sheen both of them are eye-catchers which – thanks to their holey structure – come with an all natural ventilation system!
Our insider tips are two fabrics that are a good choice for transition periods, too. Our Organic Doubleface in Black/Ash has two fine, thin layers of fabric being sewed together. This leads to it reminding you of a very fancy quilt from the front; from the back though it looks more even. Our Rib Fantasia is a quick-change artist: one minute ago it seemed all dotted, when you turn it around it has a gridded effect that blows you away.
All the grounded Jack around you also finds his Jill in our portfolio. Our Organic Chino Pants Fabric is stable, unobtrusive, and much more than just a pant fabric. Try to use it for a trendy boyfriend jacket and you are a real hit!