Buy limited fabrics – it’s your last chance!

As much as we love each and every one of our fabrics – now and then it is time to say goodbye. In our ‘limited’ category you will find fabrics that will leave our range. Once they run out of stock, they won't come back. So, if you need one or more of these fabrics for your collection or sewing project, get in touch with us as soon as possible – or simply order directly!

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Limited fabrics at Lebenskleidung

All fabrics you see here will leave our portfolio as soon as they are sold out. But that's no reason to panic. You can let us know today if you need one or more of these fabrics.

• Basically, all fabrics that are online still have inventory.

• If you see a fabric, fall in love with it and need a larger quantity, then it is best to call us quickly or write an email to We will then check how much of it is still in stock and can, if necessary, make a reservation for you directly.

• Our regular service conditions apply to reservations. We are happy to inform you about the current conditions. Simply drop us an email to to learn more!