something to read for cozy days


The days are getting longer, the mood is getting better and somehow we're generally more motivated again. So the perfect time for our book and film tip!

First of all, we finally bought the German version of "Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion" by Tansy E. Hoskins, which appeared in 2014 and was translated into German a few years ago. Tansy Hoskins may be known to some of you as a journalist for the British Guardian, for whom she writes regularly on the relationship between fashion, capitalism and human rights. She is also an activist and her knowledge of the global problem constellations of the clothing industry can be seen in her texts - in the most positive sense.

The "Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion" tries to measure and relate almost all areas in which fashion plays a role. Hoskins begins with a chapter on owning fashion and then moves through fashion media, the logic of buying, the connection between fashion and the body and the deeply racist dimensions of fashion production, cultural appropriation and global crises to ways of escaping it all.

It goes without saying that the triad of resistance, reformation and, finally, revolution, which Tansy Hoskins lets dream Marxistically at the end of her book, does not convince everyone. Nevertheless, your text is an important one and above all one that at least once toying with the possibilities that a non-capitalist form of society can offer. So yes, we do think Hoskins' book is quite an important read and highly recommend it!